Moxie's Dental Fund

Can you help?

Moxie (right), is the second forever Dachshund that we adopted. She is 13 years young, exactly 6 months older than our daughter Abby. 

Moxie is the reason we started fostering after learning of all of the Doxies in need, and studying double dapples in detail. In fact, you could say she is the main reason we fostered and re-homed over 70 dogs in our 7+ years working in rescue.

Two years ago we had a complete dental and some extractions done, and now, unfortunately, she is in dire need of another. Also unfortunately, we cannot afford it as soon as it's needed. She has one abscessed tooth that we know of, and severe decay, which is common in Dachshunds, especially one that loves to eat everything and anything.

If you'd like to help, please purchase a T-shirt or Donate. We are so thankful for all of our amazing supporters over the years, and this time it is us in need. 

The Dental estimates we've received are between $800 & $1200 depending on how severe it is once they get in and can really see what's going on.

Thank you in advance, if even it's only for prayers, or sharing with friends. Our friends and fans mean the world to us, and we'll do our best to send thank you notes and gifts for any donations received, as well as keep everyone updated on Moxie's progress.

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