What's the difference?

Screen Printing verses Digital Printing?

Here at Doxracing.com (formerly Wiener Tales), we use silk screens to print on a small, four color press. Your print is going to last in some cases, a lifetime. 

When you order shirts from a print on demand company, or POD, they use a digital printer, similar to the printer you may use at home, only in a much larger format. 

When you silk screen, it takes several components, including designing the art, separating it into the number of colors you can print, exposing the screens to ultra violet lighting to create the design on each screen for each color, and then setting the ink on the apparel by hand, per screen, and then using a heated iron or press. 

If you want your design to last for years, find a good screen printer. If you need a tee fast in a hot spot, custom made, then choose direct printing. 

We screen print our shirts and press them by hand. From design to shipping we've personally taken part in creating what might be your favorite T-Shirt ever, that will last years. 

Looking for more info on the difference? Just Google it. It's that easy. 

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